Electrical Service

Ready 24/7 to keep your business up and running

Since 1988, the Allied Electric Service Department has serviced a variety of industries throughout West Michigan. Our dedicated service team of Account Managers, Licensed Electricians, and Design-Build Engineers provide unparalleled repair and maintenance services, including:

  • 24/7 Emergency Repair Service
  • Preventative Maintenance
    • Switchgear Cleaning and Inspection
    • Transformer Oil Analysis
    • Long Term Strategic Facility Planning
    • Infrared Diagnostic Testing
    • Arc Flash & Short Circuit Study
  • Underground Tracing
  • Commercial Installation and Maintenance
  • Industrial Control, Installation, and Maintenance
  • Private Utility Locating
  • Specialty Services

    On top of our traditional service offerings, we also provide a number of specialty services, including:

    • Infrared Diagnostic Services: Infrared Diagnostic Testing is the process of producing thermal images using a specialized thermal camera to detect any deficiencies in your equipment. Our Service Electricians perform the scan and address any immediate repairs found during the scan, while our in-house Electrical Engineers analyze the images in a final report.
    • Arc Flash & Short Circuit Study: An Arc Flash Assessment and Short Circuit Study is imperative for ensuring operational safety in your facility. The program involves a series of in-depth measurements and calculations by our in-house Engineering Department to determine the incident energy, corresponding PPE class, and arc-flash protection boundary for each system location in your facility. 
    • Power Factor Correction: Evaluating your facility's power quality can help reduce cost and the likelihood of any power instability. Power Factor Correction reduces the load on your electrical distribution system to efficiently improve power quality for your equipment.
    • LED Lighting Retrofit Upgrades: LED Lighting upgrades allow your business to reduce energy costs and energy consumption. Our team performs a thorough site evaluation to assess your site lighting, submits an energy savings report to the local energy company, and we manage all installation of new fixtures. 
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