Available 24/7 to keep your business up and running

Our service department is comprised of a full-time staff of account managers and service technicians who specialize in finding trouble before trouble finds you. Our dedicated team of licensed electricians and design-build engineers offer unparalleled repair and maintenance services, including:

  • 24/7 Emergency Repair
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Primary Power Transformer Maintenance & Testing
  • Industrial Control, Installation, and Maintenance
  • Power Factor Correction
  • System Ground Testing
  • Long Term Strategic Facility Planning
  • Site Lighting Installation and Repair
  • Private Utility Locating
  • Specialty Programs

    On top of our traditional service offerings, we also provide a number of specialty programs, including:

    • Arc Flash Hazard Assessments: Our Arc Flash Assessment program involves a series of in-depth measurements and calculations by our in-house engineering department to determine the incident energy, corresponding PPE class, and arc-flash protection boundary for each system location in your facility. This is a crucial and invaluable step for ensuring operational safety, particularly for industrial and medical settings.
    • Infrared Diagnostic Services: Utilizing infrared scanning equipment, our team is able to produce thermo-graphic images of your company's electrical network in order to detect dangerous hot-spots that are easily overlooked in routine inspections.
    • LED Lighting Retrofit Systems: By far one of our most popular services, our LED lighting upgrades allow businesses to reduce energy costs, reduce operational costs, and reduce overall energy consumption, directly benefiting their overall bottom line.
    • Underground Tracing: By employing the principles of geophysics to detect and identify underground services, our technicians are able to survey your site and document the findings in a simple, multicolored print-out, helping ensure that any intrusive work done on your property is done safely and without incident.
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